You depend on Fairfield Electric to deliver you with reliable power and we take that responsibility very seriously. One major component of providing reliable service and reducing outages is right-of-way maintenance. We have a comprehensive right-of-way maintenance program. It includes side trimming limbs next to power lines and also controlling the growth underneath power lines by mowing. 

In an effort to replace some of the trees we must cut in right-of-way construction and maintenance, we provide our TREEMendUs program to Fairfield Electric Cooperative members. Each year Fairfield Electric Cooperative provides members with free  tree seedlings through the cooperative's TREEMendUs program. In 2022, we provided over 2,500 members with dogwood seedlings.

Click here for the request form for the Crepe Myrtle Seedlings that will be available for pickup on September 28, 2023.