Fairfield Electric Cooperative Names 2023 Touchstone Energy Scholarship Recipients

Eight high school seniors were each awarded a $1000 Touchstone Energy scholarship by Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc. Ciara Able, Zoe Bills, Madison Bonig, Kaiyana Boyd, Samara Butler, Isabelle Lockhart, Caroline Stuckey and Smyra Thomas were selected after an extensive application and interview process.

Annual Meeting of Members a Success

The 84th Fairfield Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting came to a close on Friday with the business meeting which was livestreamed.

How to Use United Healthcare Funds to Pay Your Power Bill

Several Fairfield Electric Cooperative members have received a United Healthcare UCard in the mail and have tried to use the card to pay their power bills.

Annual Meeting of Members Set for May 15-19

The 2023 Annual Meeting of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc. will be held May 15-19. There will be several days of early drive-thru registration and voting prior to the business meeting portion. The business meeting will be broadcast on the cooperative’s website on May 19 at 6 p.m.

Businesses & Organizations Need to Assign Voting Designee

Section 3.05 of the bylaws of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, Inc. allows members that are not natural persons, such as corporations or partnerships, to designate one person for each entity to cast votes for the member at member meetings.

Capital Credit Refunds are Coming Soon

The board of trustees recently authorized the distribution of capital credits totaling $2,088,908. Your cooperative will retire the remainder of capital credits for 2007, and 25% of 2021.

Capital Credits Assigned for 2022

As an electric cooperative, each dollar of payment by cooperative members in excess of the costs of providing electric services is an investment in the cooperative by that member.  An assignment of capital supplied by each member is recorded on the Cooperative's books each year.

Some Cooperative Members to Receive Santee Cooper Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Funds

If you were a member of Fairfield Electric Cooperative for any period between Jan. 1, 2007–Jan. 31, 2020, you may receive an unexpected bill credit or check in late February or March.


Posing as a representative of Fairfield Electric Cooperative, potential thieves are attempting to scam Fairfield Electric members by calling to demand immediate payment of electric bills.