H2O SelectTM

Fairfield Electric Cooperative’s water heater program H2O SelectTM is very similar to the H2O Advantage™ program which provided thousands of free water heaters to Fairfield members. To participate in the program, members allow the cooperative to install a load central device on the water heater. The cooperative controls the water heater during times of peak demand. The program is designed for site built homes. Mobile homes may qualify if they are on a permanent foundation and underpinned with block or brick.

Do you have an old water heater?

Is your water heater old and giving you trouble? With Fairfield Electric's H2O SelectTM program you'll never have to worry about hot water again. If your water heater has some age on it, we can replace it with a 50 gallon high efficiency water heater and enroll you in the water heater maintenance program for $3 per month. The water heater is provided free and the member is required to pay a $250 installation fee.  

Do you have a fairly new water heater? Sign up for Water heater Maintenance

If your water heater is in good condition and you don’t want to worry about maintaining it. Consider signing up for our water heater maintenance program. You won't have to worry about the inconvenience and cost of replacing thermostats, elements or a leaking water heater. You'll pay just $3 per month, and when your water heater needs repairing, just give us a call.

Are you building a new home?

Give us a call. We will provide you with a free water heater and you can have your own plumber install the water heater.