To make solar energy more accessible for all consumer-members, Fairfield Electric Cooperative has constructed a community solar farm at its Winnsboro Office on Highway 321 north of Winnsboro. Community or “shared” solar, means multiple people get electricity from a midsized solar array, offering a convenient option for consumers who want a part of their monthly power to come from the carbon-free resource.

Like most traditional community solar arrangements, Fairfield Electric Cooperative is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the solar plant.   The cooperative will offer subscriptions in one kilowatt (kW) blocks of the solar farm’s generating capacity and the member will receive a credit each month for the kilowatt-hours the block produces.


  • Decide how many blocks of solar power are right for you. One block is equivalent to 1 kilowatt (kW) and will produce an average of 170 kWh per month. 
  • Complete the subscription agreement. Then pay the upfront charge of $140 per block and the one-time administrative fee of $35. (maximum of four blocks per member).
  • Start receiving solar energy credits on your monthly electric bill. Each month you will receive credit for a portion of the production from the Community Solar farm. Your portion is based on how many solar blocks you have selected.


UPFRONT CHARGE:     $140 per block

MONTHLY CHARGE:     $14 per block

MONTHLY CREDIT:       10 cents credit per kWh

One Time Administration Fee:  $35

1 block is equivalent to 1 kilowatt (kW)

To subscribe, call a customer service representative at 1-800-628-0336 or visit one of our offices today.

If subscriptions sellout and you are still interested, the cooperative will maintain a waiting list when additional subscriptions become available.

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